How To Prepare For Buying A Property

How To Prepare For Buying A Property

The first step is to decide WHY you want to buy. Identifying your WHY will help you and your Agent find the best property for your needs. Is it because you are sick of paying rent? Relocating? Need more space? Or are you looking to make a smart investment? This is a big decision and having an educated team of professionals in your corner as you take this first step will ensure your success.

Begin to monitor your credit report and strengthen your credit score. There are many free tools to monitor your credit. Monitoring your full credit report will allow you to identify any inaccuracies, dispute incorrect claims, see how your habits effect your credit score, and improve your credit score prior to getting a mortgage.

Make sure you have built a healthy savings or have created a plan to get you to that goal. You may also want to avoid making any large investments or switching careers. The goal is for your overall financial picture to look low risk to a mortgage lender.

Choose a real estate agent. You may think that this person will just listen to what you are looking for, help you find properties to view, and negotiate/close the purchase but your agent should be doing so much more. Your agent can help educate you on what to expect, create a focused search, down payments, closing costs, attorneys, lenders, timelines, market trends and more.

Get a mortgage pre-approval. Getting a pre-approval is essential to the home buying process as it gives you a clear indication of the price range and it is also a necessary document for when you submit an offer on a home. Your agent can provide you with a list of preferred lenders to get you started.

The Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent

**It costs you NOTHING as a Buyer to be represented by a Buyer’s Agent, this commission is paid by the Seller**

1 | Availability – With Presidential Properties our team of experienced agents is available 24/7 to accommodate you on any showings and prepare / produce any documents needed.

2 | Representation – As your Buyer’s Agent we have an obligation to represent YOUR best interests. We are dedicated to finding you a property that best fits your needs. We will track market prices, share listings, provide objective feedback, share our expert opinion and more to ensure you are equipped with a strong and solid offer.

3 | Communication – By working with Presidential Properties you can expect to receive prompt communication at any time day or night. Our agents will listen to you, provide thoughtful and professional insights and opinions, and create an open dialogue to guide you successfully through your transaction from start to finish.

4 | Experience – We are experts in the Boston real estate market. With 14 years of experience with single family, condo, and multi family transactions across the Greater Boston Area we are confident that you will receive the highest level or service from our team.

5 | Guidance – We are here to share the wealth of information we have with you so that you can make a smart investment decision. Your Presidential agent will share listings with you, educate you on the market, help create a focused search criteria, and send you property updates. You will not regret having a market expert on your side.

6 | Resources – We have a network of local professionals that we are happy to recommend to our clients such as mortgage lenders, attorneys, inspectors etc. that will be helpful throughout the buying process and ensure a successful transaction.

7 | Negotiations – Our goal is to find you a home that meets your needs AND to help you make an informed and competitive offer. We will negotiate on your behalf with your best interests top of mind proving to be an essential asset in the buying process.